"BISSU " gender transcendent

The Bissu are commonly termed "gender transcendent" or as "having a ritual role". There is no conclusive explanation as to the definitive origins to what "gender transcendent" means

The Bissu are sometimes portrayed as transvestites, but this seems to be a misunderstanding to much of their history and role in society. To be Bissu, one has to fuse all aspects of gender. In many examples this means to be born hermaphroditic or an inter-sexual individual. There appears also be examples of Bissu, in which male or female Bissu are fully sexually formed.

The unusual inter-sexual role of the Bissu is not exclusively connected to their anatomy, but to their point in the Bugis culture, their gender-less (or all all-encompassing gender) identity and their exhibit of many types that can not be accurately allocated to any one sex.

This is in evidence in the Bissu’s attire. The Bissu dresses in a type of garment that is not worn by any other sex and which incorporates both "female" and “male” qualities, which explains why Bissu can not be termed Transvestites, or Cross-dressers, as they are only permitted to wear the garment which is appropriate for their given gender caste.

The unique role that the Bissu executes in Bugis culture is closely associated to Zir gender transcendent status. It is thought that, since ze is a human being who remains at some form of a gender-threshold, ze also remains at the verge amid the batin people and the zahir, the apparent and the hidden (world). This thought directly corresponds to the early Muslim idea of the Khanith and the Mukhannathun being "guards of sacred boundaries" and to the conventional position that numerous intersexuals and transgenders have in particular traditional Muslim cultures, but in this case it seems to be of an early regional source.

The Bissu are typically sought advice from when a particular approval from the powers of the batin world is required. This may for example be the situation when a Bugis person is departing Sulawesi for the Hajj, the compulsory pilgrimage to Makkah. In that situation the Bissu will permit an excellent djinn to seize Zir and to proceed as an emissary of the batin.

This is not in keeping with traditional Islam, but it has been endure by the regional Muslim establishment, on condition that it does not comprise any act that is evidently in opposition to the Shariah. In this exceptional case, it means that the spirit and the Bissu's powers should not be measured as in any way autonomous from Allah’s power, because he is the only one who is to be venerated.

In day to day social life the Bissu, along with the calabai and the calalai, are authorised to enter the women’s parts of the dwellings and villages in addition to the men's.

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Miracle of Kaaba

This is just one of the thing which proofs the Greatness of ALLAH SWT,
In mathematics and the arts, two quantities are in the golden ratio if the ratio between the sum of those quantities and the larger one is the same as the ratio between the larger one and the smaller. The golden ratio is an irrational mathematical constant, approximately 1.6180339887
Number of Golden Ratio, mystery of Ka’bah, Miracle of Islam and Qur’an
In a little while, you will see scientific proofs of unbelievable mysteries that have remained hidden in the Holy City of Mecca for thousand of years with your own eyes. Mecca is willed as direction of kowtow (qiblah), convention place for billions of Muslims and as the holy center of Islam. Those Muslims, who can afford, are prescribed to arrive go on a journey through Kaaba, Muzdelife and Arafat and to convene in the sacred city.
Phi Constant- 1.618, superior design number of mathematics. The Creator has always used the very same number in numerous events in the universe; in our heart pulses, the aspect ratio of DNA spiral, in the special design of the universe called dodecehadron, in the leaf array rules of plants called phylotaxy, in the snow flake crystals, in the spiral structure of numerous galaxies. The Creator used the same number; the number of golden ratio which is 1.618
It is determined that this ratio has been used for the design of various reputable architectural structures, even including Pyramids in Egypt. Famous astronomer Kepler defined this number as a great treasury. Numerous famous painters, engineers and architects, like Leonardo Da Vinci, have been using this ratio in their works of art for hundreds of years.
As a result of his 25 years long study, aesthetician Dr. Steven Markout proves that each of human faces and bodies, created pursuant to this ratio, are completely beautiful. If the relative ratio is 1.618 for the components of any structure, then this form will be convenient to Golden Ratio, the perfect design.
So, where is the Golden Ratio Point of the World?
The proportion of distance between Mecca and North Pole to the distance between Mecca and South Pole is exactly 1.618 which is the golden mean. Moreover, the proportion of the distance between South Pole and Mecca to the distance between both poles is again 1.618.
The miracle has not been completed yet; The Golden Ratio Point of the World is in Mecca city according to map of latitude and longitude which is the common determinant of mankind for location.
The proportion of eastern distance to the western distance of Mecca’s solstice line is again 1.618. Moreover, as shown in the Figure, the proportion of the distance from Mecca to the solstice line from the west side and perimeter of world at that latitude is also surprisingly equal to the golden ratio, 1.618. The Golden Ratio Point of the World is always within the city borders of Mecca, within the Holy Region that includes Kaaba according to all mapping systems despite minor kilometrical variations in their estimations.
At home, you can precisely measure the distance between any two points of World by means of Google World’s ruler feature. If you wish, you can easily verify the correctness of the given ratios by calculating latitudes and longitudes or even by using a simple calculator. In drawings, you initially see how to locate start and finish points on Mecca city and North Pole. With respect to positive longitude and latitude values and by taking drift angle to the land, but not to the sea, the single Golden Ratio Point of the World is Mecca.
If we assume the longitude and latitude map of the World as an everlasting painting which has an endless depth, and open it in this program, we will find out that the Golden Ratio Point of the World is the City of Mecca.

Miracles go on…
Golden Ratio Miracle in the Verse, Mecca of Qur’an.
There is one unique verse in Koran that includes Mecca word and an expression that mentions clear evidences within the city which will grant faith to humanity. The relation between the City of Mecca and the Golden Ratio is clearly engraved in Ali Imran Surah’s (section of Koran) 96th verse. The total number of all letters of this verse is 47. Calculating the golden ratio of total letters, we find out that the word of Mecca is implied; 47 / 1,618 = 29.0. There are 29 letters from the beginning of the verse till the word, Mecca just as in the world map. If only one single word or letter was missing, this ratio could never been constituted. Without pushing the limits, we have conducted the very same process that we conducted on world map and witnessed the glorious coherence of number of letters that reveals the relation of Mecca and Golden Ratio.
All these evidences show that; The Creator of the World and mathematics is the same One and Single God, the indefinable and great force that has created Kaaba, holy region and Qur’an. He reminds whole humanity that He has granted signs to all humanity on the basis of His foreknowledge about the future and the common languages of humans.
Discoveries regarding the relation between Golden Ratio, Mecca, Kaaba and Qur’an have been increasing day by day. In the figure, it is indicated that measurements by golden ratio compass that is also known as Leonardo compass, prove that Mecca city is located on the Golden Ratio Point of Arabia while Kaaba is located on the Golden Ratio of Mecca City. According to probability calculations, all these proofs can not be incidental.
Try to survive until Summer, 2009. You will witness to miraculous news in holy books, Golden Ratio Point of the World, great mysteries about Jesus the Christ and Hz. Mohammed (SAV) with their scientific proofs.
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This information is provided for the sake of curiosity and in good humor. No one should seriously believe that a man living hundreds of years ago could accurately predict future events. While it is conceivable that a person could look at population trends and techology trends and from these extrapolate some sorts of future circumstances, it would be nearly impossible to get anything right. You should think of Nostradamus' work as fiction.

That said, I think it's human nature to find the idea of producing such predictions or prognostications very tempting. But like many a gargantuan tasks, it can appear at first deceptively simple. So sure, while some vague predictions could be produced by researching trends and guessing what crises will occur and in what order, it's a fool's errand. Even experts realize that it is enormously difficult to predict events even 5 years into the future.

If there is any group in a position to offer predictions, it would be the richest, most powerful people who are themselves attempting to steer and indeed bring about world events. They are naturally very unlikely to put their plans on display to the general public. At most, they may mention them in confidence to an associate, in order to brag, as Nick Rockefeller supposedly did when he told Aaron Russo about 9/11 a full eleven months before it happened
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