This information is provided for the sake of curiosity and in good humor. No one should seriously believe that a man living hundreds of years ago could accurately predict future events. While it is conceivable that a person could look at population trends and techology trends and from these extrapolate some sorts of future circumstances, it would be nearly impossible to get anything right. You should think of Nostradamus' work as fiction.

That said, I think it's human nature to find the idea of producing such predictions or prognostications very tempting. But like many a gargantuan tasks, it can appear at first deceptively simple. So sure, while some vague predictions could be produced by researching trends and guessing what crises will occur and in what order, it's a fool's errand. Even experts realize that it is enormously difficult to predict events even 5 years into the future.

If there is any group in a position to offer predictions, it would be the richest, most powerful people who are themselves attempting to steer and indeed bring about world events. They are naturally very unlikely to put their plans on display to the general public. At most, they may mention them in confidence to an associate, in order to brag, as Nick Rockefeller supposedly did when he told Aaron Russo about 9/11 a full eleven months before it happened
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